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GeoWorks Ensemble 2.0 Underdogs Hot
Written by Underdogs     March 21, 2009    
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GeoWorks Personal Office Series
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Released in 1993, version 2.0 of GEOS features bug fixes and a new color scheme (predominantly gray instead of dark cyan). Still very much ahead of its time, GeoWorks (now New Deal) improved the OS and bundled applications in numerous ways. GeoWrite was beefed-up with a spell checker, thesaurus, and search-and-replace engine. More printers were supported. Additonal icons for the DOS Room were added, as were more backgrounds. Significantly, network support was added. Network drives appeared as additional icons in GeoManager. NetWare, PC-NFS, LAN Manager, and LANtastic were the networks supported. Also notable were some other accessories in an EXTRAS folder under WORLD, such as a font converter, Perf (a system monitor), Screen Dumper (for capturing the screen), Tetris, and the 3D Fonts Demo (displays a trail of letters bouncing across the screen).

This download includes three separate programs that were subsets of the GeoWorks Personal Office Suite, based on v2.0 code and released after the original:

  • GeoWorks Desktop 2.0: includes GeoManager and the accessories such as GeoDex, GeoPlanner, Calculator, and Notepad.
  • GeoWorks Designer 2.0: includes File Cabinet, GeoDraw, GeoBanner, Scrapbook, and Preferences.
  • GeoWorks Writer 2.0: includes File Cabinetm GeoWrite, Scrapbook, and Preferences.

You should install GeoWorks Desktop first if you want to use the other ones as well.

Note: We have been informed that Breadbox has acquired perpetual rights to GEOS, and is currently offering Ensemble and other GEOS software for sale again. This is great news for fans, so check out Breadbox's site today!


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