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Charlie the Duck Underdogs Hot
Written by Underdogs     March 21, 2009    
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Charlie the Duck is a fun cartoon platformer reminiscent of Super Mario Brothers starring Charlie, a cute duck you must help to get through levels. Although its similarities to Nintendo's classic make the game familiar and very endearing, Charlie the Duck contains enough charm all its own. Similar to Super Mario, you collect coins and diamonds, stomp on creatures to get rid of them and avoid others that are hazardous to the touch. The game also features many surprises, most of which are hidden in blocks that are scattered across the level. The game features various environments that present new and original challenges. Generally, you have to keep going through a level until you see a sign with Charlie's likeness. Fortunately, there's a midway checkpoint (i.e. autosave spot) that the game returns you to if you die towards the end.

With bright cartoon graphics, intuitive interface, and a fun, non-violent gameplay, Charlie the Duck is a fun game that should be especially appealing to young gamers in your house. Highly recommended, and well worth registration (now free) required to play beyond the first three levels in the shareware version.


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