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Orbital Sniper Underdogs Hot
Written by Underdogs     March 21, 2009    
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Orbital Sniper is a great freeware coffee break game from Finland with a simple premise: shoot potential assassins from a bird's eye view to protect VIPs. The plot was basically devised only to explain how you can view the action from so far above ground, but here it is anyway: "...the year is 2174, and you have been ordered to function as an orbital sniper. In your world there's just three kinds of people: VIPs, dissidents and normal citizens. VIPs run the world: they must not come to harm. Dissidents must die. If a commoner or two gets wasted in progress, it'll count against you when your post ends. You were a normal citizen only moments ago. If you manage to prove yourself and keep VIPs safe in your area, they might make you a VIP. Or do poorly enough and they might decide that you're the enemy."

The game is very easy to learn. You will see a cluster of buildings and hundreds of moving dots, each representing a person. VIPs are blue, threats are red, and normal people are white. Your job is to find and shoot the red dots as quickly as you can. You control the target with mouse; right-drag or use mouse wheel to zoom into the action. Different zoom modes are useful for different things: zoom out to see the whole situation at a glance, or zoom in for better aiming. Several levels of zoom in between give different kinds of information. Left click fires your gun, and there is a three-second reload pause between each shot.

Orbital Sniper is one of those "short but sweet" kind of games you'll come back to time and again. A typical game lasts for about 4-5 minutes. It starts out easy, but gets much more challenging later on with more threads and more VIPs to protect. You'll be given a score at the end, as well as assessment on how you performed. If you enjoy mindless yet addictive action games to occupy coffee breaks at work, Orbital Sniper is well worth a shot - no pun intended. Two thumbs up, way up!


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