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Written by cnaeus     July 28, 2009    
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Being the sequel of the popular Starsiege: Tribes,Tribes 2 is a wonderful first person shooter game based on the Starsiege universe. The story takes place in the year 3941, at the frontier of known space, where post-civilized tribes emerged from the ashes of the former Human Empire, waging endless wars against each other. The game itself has two groundbreakingelements that brought the first person shooters to a new age: the fist was the jetpack, the second was the team oriented game style. I think the jetpack was one of the coolest stuff ever implemented in a FPS game: by consuming a certain amount of energy from the suit's battery, this equipment can make you fly over the landscapes of the numerous extraterrestrial planets of the Starsiege universe, giving you a new FPS experience I'm sure you have never had before. Of course  it takes a while till you master this skill, becouse you can easily run out of energy so you cant just fly around, rather you have to learn how to draw in your energy in order to survive.  The game itself doesn't follow the most common "seek'n destroy all" patterns of the most FPS, rather it takes you in a team-based environment where two teams have to overthrow each other by completing special tasks. Each team has a base, where team members can buy equipment and vehicles and can control defense turrets around the base. The base also has sensors and generators, should the generators get destroyed, the whole base runs out of energy and team members will become unable to use its features. Now every item in the base can be destroyed by the enemy, but can also be repaired by the team that owns them. There is also a command map, where players can give/receive missions in order to organize team actions. The objectives the teams must complete varies depending on the game types. For example, in the most popular game type is the so called "capture the flag", in which each team has to score points by capturing the other team's flag from the base, and return it to it's own.

In order to draw popularity to the new Tribes sequel: Tribes: Vengeance, Sierra released both Starsiege: Tribes and Tribes 2 as a free download at May 04, 2004. Despite the fact that official Tribes 2 servers closed its doors at November 02, 2008, on January 02, 2009 a fan based project ( opened Tribes 2 servers again, so that multiplayer game can still go on.

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9.5  (2)
expat Reviewed by expat April 13, 2012
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Well I say its one of the most authentic game ever made!
cnaeus Reviewed by cnaeus July 28, 2009
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Well I say its one of the most authentic game ever made!

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